It's time to start taking the necessary steps to become the version of yourself you dream about

Dallas, Writing In Notebook

Knowing where to start can be overwhelming and confusing, I am here to take the confusion out of improving your health and diet. Through a variety of assessments and testing we will work toward uncovering what your body (physical & mental) needs to function optimally.

Creating the ideal foundation for your health to thrive, so you can overcome past challenges, improve your diet to support your bodies specific needs and achieve goals you may have never thought possible. This program is so much more than what foods to eat and which to avoid, we dig deeper and discover what is holding you back from living the vibrant, joyful life you deserve!


This is not just another nutrition program or fad diet. This is about making a lifestyle change, choosing foods that nourish your body, implementing habits that make you feel good physically and mentally. This isn’t about counting calories or restrictive eating, it’s about getting back to the basics, nourishing your body with whole foods and learning life long habits for a balanced, vibrant life!


→ Women looking to reconnect and understand their bodies once and for all


→ Woman who are committed to making life long changes for the betterment of their health, ready to put in the time effort and start prioritizing themselves

→ If you are experiencing digestive imbalances or symptoms including bloating, inconsistent bowel movements, have been diagnosed with IBS, Crohn's, SIBO or Ulcerative Colitis.


→ If you have been diagnosed with a  hormonal imbalance such  PCOS, Endometriosis, Type 2 Diabetes or experience symptoms such as inconsistent energy levels, poor sleep, blood sugar imbalances, painful periods, mood swings etc.


We will work together to uncover the root cause of these symptoms and address the real issue so you can discover what optimal health feels like.


  • Virtual Initial Consultation & Assessment: We will dive deeper into your assessment forms, tests and meal logs to get a better understanding of your lifestyle, habits and goals

  • Virtual Bi-weekly Check In’s: Achieving optimal health is an ongoing journey that requires consistency and continuous support. Bi-weekly follow ups help hold you accountable and provide an opportunity to discuss what needs to be adjusted while receiving further nutrition education and support. Plus bi weekly check ins through the online client portal.

  • Targeted Dietary & Lifestyle Protocols to allow you to start healing, optimize your digestive, hormonal and metabolic systems 

  • Custom Monthly Recipe Guides: Created with your dietary needs, preferences and cooking skills all in mind. Includes shopping list and preparation notes

  • Personalized Supplement Protocols plus a 10% discounts on professional supplement lines

  • Back to Basics Program: Get access to all resources and videos from the Back to Basics Program so you can start implementing the foundation principals right away (value: $549)

  • Unlimited weekday support through the private client portal

  • Additional testing: Dutch Test, a comprehensive hormone analysis providing detailed insights and root causes of your hormonal imbalances.


Experiences From past 1:1 Clients

Dallas could not have made it easier or more manageable for me to create this new lifestyle. She worked with me to curate recipes and routines that supported my specific needs. This was something I initially anticipated being extremely difficult for me to adapt to, yet with Dallas coaching me through, it fit seamlessly into my lifestyle. It wasn’t “hard” because I was seeing results right away.  It has absolutely changed my life.


- Alex B