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Nourish Your Body Back
To Balance...

Harmonizing your hormones & digestive health so you can thrive off natural energy & shed stubborn weight!

You deserve to feel your best everyday, so what are you waiting for?
Take the guesswork and overwhelm out of where to start

 I will take the confusion out of why you feel the way you do and what you can do about it to feel amazing again! Using in depth assessments and functional testing we will uncover the root of your symptoms and determine what your body (physical & mental) needs to function optimally.

Create the ideal foundation for your health to thrive

It's time to overcome past challenges, stop the yo-yo dieting and restrictions. Instead we will determine your bodies specific needs and create your customized action plan. This program is so much more than what foods to eat and which to avoid, we dig deeper and discover what is holding you back from living the vibrant, joyful life you deserve!

End the cycle of frustration & self blame


There is a reason you have not had long term success in the past. We are bombarded daily with new restrictive diets (keto, intermittent fasting etc.) that set us up for failure, it's not because you didn't have enough will power. These diets do not take into consideration your digestive or hormonal health and you receive little to no guidance, support or education. You need a long term, tailored to you plan, not a 30 day quick fix.


It's time to take an approach of nourishment not restrictions, be constantly supported and know you are being guided on a health journey specific to your bodies needs & true goals.

I created The Nourished Woman Program after working with 100's frustrated woman who were stressing their already burnt out bodies by taking restrictive, unsustianable approaches to their health and still seeing no results or short lived changes. Unfortunately, often times this is what they were being told to do by an industry built on making woman feel like failures. 

When has a program you've tried in the past considered your home life, kids schedules, sleep patterns, your hormonal imbalances, how you poop or current stress levels?

The Nourished Woman Program aims to empower woman to become their own health advocates and realize that undereating, over exercising and not prioritizing rest will only lead to hormonal chaos,

feeling burnt out, frustrated and hungry.

This is your sign to stop putting yourself and health on the backburner and take action. You are worth the time, effort and investment!

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a full night of sleep and actually wake rested, feeling energized all day without your coffee addiction 


→ Stop canceling plans because of painful periods, bloating and not feeling confident in your clothing

→ No more stepping on the scale with disappointment. It's time take a long term, sustainable approach to shedding those extra pounds that are impacting your confidence


→ It's time to finally understand and address your mood swings, headaches, low energy, cravings, weight gain, painful periods and digestive discomforts

The Nourished Woman Program

4 months of customized support & nourishment

  • Virtual or In-person Initial Consultation & Assessment: We will dive deeper into your assessment forms, tests and meal logs to get a better understanding of your lifestyle, habits and goals

  • Monthly Check In’s: Achieving optimal health is an ongoing journey that requires consistency and continuous support. Monthly follow ups help hold you accountable and provide an opportunity to discuss what needs to be adjusted while receiving further nutrition education, accountability and support. Plus mid month check ins through the online client portal for even more support, accountability and guidance. 

  • Optional Dutch Test Complete: A comprehensive hormone analysis of your stress & sex hormones providing detailed insights and root causes of potential imbalances. In your onboarding call I will review how to order, complete and send in your test.

  • Monthly Targeted Dietary & Lifestyle Protocols to allow you to start healing, optimize your digestive, hormonal and metabolic systems 

  • Custom Monthly Recipe Guides: Created with your dietary needs, preferences and cooking skills all in mind. Includes shopping list and preparation notes

  • Personalized Supplement Protocols plus a 10% discounts on professional supplement lines

  • Unlimited weekday support through private online portal

Your Investment: $1600 (+hst)

*payment plans available


I get it, you never intended on becoming less of a priority in your life, sometimes it just happens. But that stops now, it's time to take a new approach and start your journey to becoming A Nourished Woman!

Experiences from past clients...

Dallas could not have made it easier or more manageable for me to create this new lifestyle. She worked with me to curate recipes and routines that supported my specific needs. This was something I initially anticipated being extremely difficult for me to adapt to, yet with Dallas coaching me through, it fit seamlessly into my lifestyle. It wasn’t “hard” because I was seeing results right away.  It has absolutely changed my life.


- Alex B

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