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The Nourished Reset

Get Energized, Stay Satisfied & Find Confidence With Food in 30 Days 

Don’t know where to start when it comes to your health & wellness journey_ My advice_ get

Confused about where to start with your health & wellness... 
My advice: keep it simple and be consistent. Let's get back to the basics and create the ideal foundation for your health to thrive.


The Nourished Reset is a 30 day program for woman ready to take the first step toward feeling confident in their bodies, boost energy, balance their hormones and stop stressing over foods. It's time to start making informed nutrition choices without restrictions or obsessing over every bite. Real change comes with consistently building small healthy habits that can be effortlessly added to your day to day life.

In The Nourished Reset I teach you how to implement 4 simple strategies to improve your relationship with food and kick start your health journey.

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Does finding balance in your diet and lifestyle seem impossible?

With hundreds of diets and new food trends it can be confusing and overwhelming. 

So let's make things simple; no measuring, no restrictions, no cutting out entire

food groups... I want you to know you can enjoy all foods in a way that still

supports your goals by putting the focus on nourishment not restriction. 

This isn't easy to do on your own, it takes the proper guidance to get started with

professional support to keep you accountable. If you are done with unsustainable

habits, unrealistic restrictions to your diet and lifestyle then keep scrolling to

learn more about The Nourished Reset.


The Nourished Reset if for women who want to...

  • Make long-term, sustainable changes to their eating habits

  • Feel comfortable & confident in their bodies

  • Thrive off natural energy and not a 3 pm coffee

  • Sleep more soundly and wake up feeling rested

  • Overcome guilt around having treats or dessert

  • Stop saying " I'm on a diet"


Meet Dallas, Certified Holistic Nutritionist & your wellness journey BFF


For years I felt so overwhelmed and confused with my health and I was in constant survival mode, I had no balance. Like many women I took an all or nothing approach when it came to my health in the beginning. I

thought it had to be complicated, and strict for me to feel and look my best. I struggled with major digestive issues, chronic low energy, anxiety, mood swings, you name it!

It has taken me years to find balance and feel confident in my food choices because I know they support my goals regardless of what others think. 


Over the past 4 years I have guided and supported 100’s of woman on their wellness journey, taking a simplified approach to health. Some cases were more complex of course such a chronic digestive issues & hormonal imbalances, even here we started with mastering the fundamentals.

The Nourished Reset is for the woman who wants to...






Thrive Off
Natural Energy

Support Hormone Harmony

Gain Confidence
In Food Choices

After Completing The Nourished Reset I Know You Will ...

  • Understand how to create a balanced plate to keep you satisfied

  • Feel confident in your food choices

  • Honour and understand your cravings

  • Enjoy spending time, and feel more creative in the kitchen

  • Tune In and listen to your bodies cues

  • Feel energized (physically & mentally)

  • Support balanced blood sugar levels

  • Stop the yo-yo dieting cycle


Ready To Reset! 

Your Nourished Reset Includes:

  • A personalized Wellness Blueprint with recommendations based on your initial nutrition & lifestyle assessment ($100 value)

  • Weekly Group Calls to dive deeper into each strategy plus the opportunity to ask Dallas anything related to the program or related to nutrition an wellness ($200 value)

  • 4 manuals to guide you through each strategy of The Nourished Reset, plus supporting materials including mindset worksheets, goal setting & tracking forms ($300)

  • A 1 month meal plan filled with simple, nourishing and delicious recipes to inspire you in the kitchen for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & dessert ($100 value)

Your Investment: $289 +hst

Value $800

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