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Five Minute Read: Five Fundamental Tips to Establish a Daily Movement Routine

There are many elements to take into consideration during your health and wellness journey.

Between figuring out a balanced diet, getting a decent amount of sleep and cultivating a healthy mindset, it’s a lot to manage!

Add in the responsibilities of everyday life and it can seem like a miracle that things get done in the first place.

Today’s blog is going to highlight the third pillar from my Five Pillars of Total Body Wellness - movement.

We know that establishing regular exercise habits can offer many benefits to our overall health. Moving your body assists with more than burning fat and losing weight - it contributes to a more restful sleep, improved mental health, gets your lymphatic system flowing and helps regulate your digestion - all crucial components in healing your body.

But it can be a struggle to find motivation or the time to get moving, figure out a program and actually stick with it.

Let me take some of your stress away with five easy to remember fundamentals for establishing your daily movement habits:

#1: Start small & build - Master the basics and build a foundation. Honour what your body can do for you in the present moment instead of working too hard, which could lead to injury. If you’re a little rusty, don’t be too hard on yourself as you get back into the swing of things.

#2: Do what you enjoy - The right type of exercise is the one you enjoy doing. As soon as something feels forced, the more likely you are to give up on it so finding what you like is crucial! Participating in activities that feel good and challenge you positively will make it easier to establish a routine.

#3: Keep it simple - This is a common theme in all my pillars because once something is overcomplicated, again, it’s likely that we will not continue doing the work. Foundation movements and proper form are key with any exercise. We want to focus on what is functional, not fancy!

#4: Consistency is key - This ties in well with #1. Even if right now, all you can do is 10 minutes a day a few times a week or 1 hour two times a week, what you do consistently is what will add up over time. Find the sweet spot in your day that feels sustainable.

#5: Listen to your body - Incorporating more restorative movement is beneficial for the days you start your period or you had a poor night's sleep. If your body is telling you to rest, don’t push yourself just for the sake of working out. Long walks or a light yoga flow are great, more gentle options!

Side note: if you have difficulties navigating daily movement around your monthly cycle, my Back To Basics program can support you through the menstruation, follicular, ovulation and luteal phases. Click here to learn more!

Moving your body is healthy, and should feel good. As always, it’s about finding what works best for you and your desired lifestyle.

Want to learn more about the other pillars in my Five Pillars of Total Body Wellness? Grab a coffee, a comfy seat and dive in here or come say hi on my Instagram!

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