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Five Minute Read: Five Types of Rest That Are Important For Your Wellness

We are constantly being physically, mentally and emotionally stimulated.

You may not notice the impacts of these stimulants immediately but over time, lack of rest takes a toll on your body, which can lead to burn out.

Burn out depletes your energy, making it that much harder to take care of yourself and it leaves the body working overtime to heal itself.

Today, we’re going to dig deeper into the last pillar of Total Body Wellness, which is rest, because it is so important. In order to be proactive against burn out, we need to prioritize rest, stress management and setting boundaries.

Everyone knows that sleep is a form of physical rest but did you know that there’s FOUR other types that are extremely beneficial for your body? I’ve listed them below, along with ways you incorporate them into your lifestyle.

#1: Physical - The most common form of physical rest is sleep. But you can also include deep breathing throughout your work day or a deep stretching session to assist in relaxation.

#2: Mental - A great way to get some mental rest is by turning off your screens! Grounding yourself through specific techniques and meditation are good options, as well.

#3: Social - This form of rest is about focusing on protecting your energy with those around you. Surround yourself with people who support you and do not make you feel uncomfortable when you need to recharge socially. I’m sure more than ever we all need a bit more human interaction right now so please remember to stay safe - virtual game nights are a great option to connect with your people. However, if you are in need of some alone time (I see you, introverts) then I encourage you to say no to social interactions or put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ mode.

#4: Emotional - Emotions can get the best of us. Starting a journal or scheduling regular therapy appointments can really help you offload everything that’s going on in your head.

#5: Sensory - This one requires a little bit of self-checking. Before reaching for the remote on your night off, ask yourself if staring at another screen is going to be an effective way to rest. Your senses need a break, too! Consider taking a walk or having a warm bath instead.

If you’d like to learn additional information on the impact of lack of rest on your body, helpful supplements and how to build better rest habits, the Back To Basics program is for you! I will support you with establishing a healthy nighttime routine and optimizing your rest so you can feel energized throughout your day. There’s still a few spots open for you to join. Click here to get started!

You can only perform as well as you recover. Giving yourself the proper rest will ensure a better outcome with your health and wellness journey!

Want to learn more about the other pillars in my Five Pillars of Total Body Wellness? Grab your favourite drink, a comfy seat and dive in here or check out my Instagram!

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