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Five Minute Read: Five Ways To Cultivate A Healthy Mindset

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t always the best with health & wellness.

Honestly, I’m still learning and figuring things out but aren’t we all?

I used to get overwhelmed by the trendy diets and the different workout programs, too. Eventually, I started feeling restricted and realized I was doing more damage to my body than good - not to mention the effects on my mental health.

After years of constantly battling with my body and food, I finally feel like my health journey is balanced. Throughout my personal experience and combined with my holistic nutrition studies, I have been able to establish, what I believe, to be the Five Pillars of Health & Wellness.

For today’s blog, I want to focus on the importance of the mindset pillar. If you want to learn about the other four pillars, stay tuned for upcoming blogs or head to my Instagram @dallasskopeleanos!

When it comes to your health, mindset can make or break the success of your progress. If you remain pessimistic, you’ll start to believe you are an “unhealthy” person. On the flip side, positive thoughts about your health will have you believing that you’re already the healthy person you wish to become.

Our actions are brought to life by what we tell ourselves.

Since I know it can be hard cultivate a healthy mindset, I wanted to share five of my go-to methods on shifting negative self talk:

  • Focus on your why - remembering the reason why you started your journey will help ground you and make it easier to make healthier decisions.

  • Your people - surround yourself with a loving community that has your best interest in mind. Supportive people that hold you accountable is crucial!

  • Meditation - I like to think of mindset as a muscle that can be strengthened. A great way to build this muscle is to start by meditating for 1 minute and then work your way up each day.

  • Journaling & Affirmations - Sometimes the best thing to do with your mindset is to get rid of the negative thoughts swirling around in your head and replace them with positive ones. Manifesting affirmations and acknowledging your thoughts in a journal is also helpful to reflect on your growth throughout the journey. A simple and easy-to-remember affirmation that I like to teach my clients is “you can & you will.”

  • Taking time to pause - This is another great way to strengthen your mindset. Instead of reacting to something in your usual way, which might be a negative emotion, take a minute to bring awareness to the moment and challenge your previous responses. Teaching ourselves to respond in a calm and self-loving way when we are triggered or stressed can be extremely beneficial in healing your mind and body.

In my Back to Basic Program, I share my favourite apps and more in-depth resources to help you build healthy habits around these methods, the mindset pillar, as well as my four additional pillars of health and wellness.

These changes do not have to be life altering to make an impact. Start small and figure out what works best for you and your overall health and roll with it.

If you’re ready to cultivate a healthy mindset and take control of your health and wellness, set your alarms for Monday, March 8th at 12pm EST to register for the Back to Basics Program. Join the waitlist to be the first in line here. I am ready to support you and help you feel your best!

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