Candida is a naturally occuring yeast that lives within all of us and it not problematic when kept it balance. However, certain dietary and lifestyle factors such as but not limited to stress, a diet high in processed foods, insufficient stomach acid, over use of medications and antibiotics can right create the ideal conditions for candida to overgrow and thrive, trigger a variety of symptoms such as:


-Chronic bloating

-Braing fog


-Oral thrush

-Intense cravings for sweets and starches

-Recurrent yeast infections or UTIs

-Recurrent sinus infections




If you're looking for a holistic approaching to addressing Candida with 1:1 support and an opportunity to address all of your questions, this is the guide for you!



-Candida Overview

-1x 30 min coaching call with Dallas for personalized guidance and support

-Cleanse Prep Process

-How to create a cleanse friendly kitchen

-Cleanse Dietary Guide

-Candida Friendly Food Brands

-10% off professional grade supplements for CAD residence

-4 Candida Friendly Recipies Guides: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Treats

-Food & Symptom Tracker

-Weekly Meal Planner

-Daily Mindset Practice

Candida Cleanse Guide + 1:1 Session