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The Digestive Wellness Program

Reset, Restore & Reclaim Your Digestive Health!

An in-depth program created to guide digestive sufferers through 5 phases of gut rehabilitation & restoration to finally understand, address and manage their digestive discomforts. 
Designed for individuals struggling with:

  • Chronic Bloating or Gas

  • IBS or IBD Diagnosis

  • Irregular Bowel Movements (Constipation and/or Loose Stools)

  • Acid Reflux or GERD

  • Ongoing Indigestion

  • Food Sensitivities

  • Symptoms associated with impaired digestion: low energy, brain fog, yeast infections, eczema, hormonal imbalances etc.)

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The 5 Phases of The Digestive Wellness Program


The 5-R Protocol,  developed by the Institute of Functional Medicine is the approach best used for healing digestive conditions and chronic symptoms associated with digestive distress. This protocol not only work on restoring and rehabilitating your digestive system but also helps to alleviate symptoms related to gut-health such as acne, anxiety, weight gain, brain fog, fatigue, joint & muscle pain, chronic headaches and more. 

The 5-R Protocol is a systematic and comprehensive approach that not only improves symptoms but gets to the root cause of your digestive issues to truly heal so you get long lasting results as you continue to implement the dietary and lifestyle supporting habits.

1) Remove

We want to remove anything that could

be irritating to the gut such as:

  • Food: We want to remove common gut irritants such as gluten and alcohol. You may have a hard time digesting certain type of carbohydrates like specific fibres or you may have food intolerance, sensitivities or food allergy. This is where a gut-healing diet comes into play.


  • Medications & Supplements: Over the counter meds such as heartburn medication and NSAIDs (like aspirin and ibuprofen) are known to cause digestive dysfunction.  And even though you can purchase supplements over the counter, that does not necessarily mean they are right for your needs and there are many supplements that can aggravate  digestive symptoms due to poor quality and added ingredients. 

  • Stress: It’s not just a feeling.  Stress causes a biochemical reaction by releasing a hormone called cortisone into your bloodstream. WHen cortisol is chronically elevated due to a variety of forms of stress in our lives this puts a lot of pressure on the GI tract, creating inflammation and slowing digestion.

  • Infections: bacteria such as yeast or candida, parasites and pathogens are not uncommon in digestive sufferers but this may require additional support (Further Testing may be needed is suspected and we recommend booking a 1:1 session with Dallas)

Image by Alyson McPhee

2) Replace

Depending on your health condition and symptoms, you may be lacking certain factors that are key to digestion such as stomach acid, bile and digestive enzymes. You also may be deficient in nutrients do to malabsorption or lack of variety from your diet. Part of your digestive wellness plan may include:

  • Supplements to replace the missing digestive juices such as betaine HCL, bile salts, and enzymes that help digest fat, lactose, carbohydrates and protein

  • Foods containing nutrients that help the body produce these important factors, such as bitter foods as they can help stimulate stomach acid and digestive enzymes.

  • Foods and supplements to address nutrient deficiencies.  Digestive conditions can affect the absorption of many nutrients nutrients such as B12, iron, magnesium and more.

3) Repopulate


Elimination diets are meant to be therapeutic and provide information, they are not meant to be long term solutions, they should always be done temporarily such as  FODMAP Diet. When symptoms have improved significantly, we focus on reintroducing foods that will help nourish and strengthen the gut microbiome and offer you more variety when it comes to your food choices. 


4) Repair

At this stage we want to create an environment

that supports gut-healing and long-term relief.


We encourage repair of the intestinal cells and mucosa, reduce inflammation and help our microbiome find a happy home within our digestive tract. 

5) Rebalance


Our lifestyle habits have enormous influence on our digestive system and health.  During this phase, we want to address:


  • Stress management

  • Improving sleep

  • Moving more (or less, if necessary)

  • Reducing Toxic Load

  • How to reintroduce Foods

  • Creating a life long gut healing diet & lifestyle


Estimated Timeline: This is a self paced program, however we do recommend following a timeline that is provided to you once you begin the course.


DWP is for You If You Want To:

-Eliminate Bloating & Excess Gas

-Regulate & Improve Bowel Movements

-Increase Energy

-Determine which foods are triggering your unwanted gut symptoms

-Find gut friendly replacements for food that do not work for you

-Improve your relationship with food and say goodbye to food fears

-Adapt a balanced lifestyle that support optimal digestion

-Understand how to address an IBS diagnosis

-Wake up with a flat, settled tummy

-Address your brain fog or poor concentration

-Feel comfortable in your clothing again

-Stop using Dr. Google and find an actual solution to your frustrating gut issues

How to get the most out of the DWP

-Dedicate 1 hour per week to watch videos, review PDFs & handouts

-Addend the Monthly Webinars & Ask Me Anything Sessions

-Plan out meals and create shopping list each week

-Kitchen cleanse *see how to document provided in course

-Write down questions to have addressed in Private Membership Portal

-Track Food and symptoms daily, remove any possible food triggers

-Remove the 6 common gut disruptors for minimum 8 weeks before reintroducing the foods (more in final module)

-Prioritize sleep and rest throughout the entire program

-Book a 1:1 call with Dallas for additional support and guidance 



DWP Includes:


  • 6 Modules that guide participants through each phase of gut healing. Each module includes in-depth manuals and videos outlining your specific action steps and education plus additional PDF’s on digestive related topics.

Welcome Module 

Module 1: Remove Phase 

Module 2: Replace Phase 

Module 3: Repopulate Phase 

Module 4: Repair Phase 

Module 5: Rebalance Phase 


  • In-depth digestive assessment & questionnaire with personalized dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations based on your answers.

  • Monthly Live Ask Me Anything Sessions with Dallas


  • 4 gut healing recipes guides: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks/ Treats to inspire you in the kitchen during this journey (dairy & gluten free)


  • A private online community for ongoing support, education, accountability and tips! Connect directly with Dallas for personalized support through the private message feature.

Your Investment: $349 +hst


Meet Dallas, Certified Holistic Nutritionist & your wellness journey BFF


For years I felt so overwhelmed and confused with my health and I was in constant survival mode, I had no balance. Like many women I took an all or nothing approach when it came to my health in the beginning. I

thought it had to be complicated, and strict for me to feel and look my best. I struggled with major digestive issues, chronic low energy, anxiety, mood swings, you name it!


During my own journey I discovered that my digestion was at the root cause of all of my frustrating symptoms. No matter your goal, you must address, support and prioritize your digestive health. I cannot wait to for you to experience what it feels like to live symptom free, understand what your gut triggers are and start living life without always having to be concerned about your poops, bloating, pain and discomfort. 

What Clients Are Saying...

Jeanelle S

My digestion was much better this week, I felt so energetic! I even had regular bowel movements which literally never happens! No eczema flare ups and no more bloating! I feel like I have more control of my eating.

Amanda D

Going to the bathroom at least 1x per day with little to no heartburn this week or that feeling of food being stuck.

Jennifer B

I’m having bowel movements on my own without any support from softeners. I have one at least every two days if not daily. And way less gassy/bloated!

Christine H

My digestion is the best it's been in awhile, maybe only one day of uncomfortable gas/bloating and my skin is clear even though I'm starting my period soon; it's never clear when I'm on my period!

Lisa R

I never imagined that there would be an end to my constant digestive issues, but thanks to your program, support, and recommendations, I feel fully energized, nourished and overall my digestion is 100 times better!

Melissa M

I now understand how my digestion works and what's causing some of my issues. I went from having 1 diarrhea poop a day to anywhere from 1-3 that are more towards a number 3 or 4 on the bristol chart.!

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